Saturday, January 19, 2008

HURT 100 - Waiting is the hardest part

(Mainland, USA) - Pete

17:56 PST - First woman, Jamie Donaldson (#21) just came through about 10 minutes ago. Suzanna should not be too far behind....

16:54 PST - Update from Sarah...Paul Hopwood (#40) came in on the 2nd loop at 2:26 PM (Hawaii time) and left for loop number 3 when Rod Bien (#6) came in around 2:40 PM. She has no word on Jeffery and Suzanna but will call me as soon as they come in. Jeffery suggested that he would not mind a pacer for loops 4 and 5 so Sarah is scouring the island for suitable partner, but no luck so far.

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Katie Bien said...

Thanks so much for posting this!! My husband is Rod Bien and I am home in Oregon, 8 months pregnant w/ baby #3 and really, really wishing I was there so it's so nice to get updates - Mahalo!!!