Friday, January 25, 2008

HURT Results

The winners of the HURT 100 Mile Trail race were:

Men's winner: Paul Hopwood 27:17
Women's winner: Suzanna Bon 31:56

Even though the 100k distance isn't a formal race, these were the fastest times:

Men: Rod Bien 17:02
Women: Jamie Donaldson 20:30

90 runners (Mark Gilligan isn't in the results) toed the starting line.

21 finished the 100 Mile Race for a 23% finishing rate.

51 finished the 100k distance.

Conditions were particularly bad this year as there was a torrential rainstorm at around 11 pm. For perspective, the men's winner was 6 1/2 hours slower than in 2007, and the women's winner was 5 3/4 hours slower. It was extremely muddy and sloppy.

I finished the 100k in exactly 20:00, taking my mark at the 67.3 mile aid station. This was the second fastest 100k time. When I dropped at Nu'uanu, the 72.8 mile aid station, I had been in eighth place in the 100 Mile race.

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