Friday, January 18, 2008

HURT 100 Strategy

Keeping the strategy simple works best for me at 100 mile races. The HURT 100 Mile Trail Run will be no different especially since it has so many variables I will not be able to control.

  1. Go out slow to finish fast. The race is likely to take me 32 or more hours. During the first two laps I will focus on eating well, drinking lots, and keeping my body systems feeling well-engaged and my powder dry. Then keep moving well on the third and fourth laps as nighttime darkness slows me down further. Finally, slug out the final twenty miles by keeping energy levels up.

  2. Run like a girl. Two examples about running well come to mind: Krissy Moehl's wonderfully even-paced 2007 HURT run, and Suzanna Bon's 2007 Angeles Crest negative splits. I don't run as well as either of these women, but their experiences and lessons are good examples of quiet restraint.

  3. Keep my feet under my head.

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