Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ten Out of Ten

(Hawaii) -- Sarah -- 11:00 AM

Just five hours into the race and already a dozen or so runners have come through the Nature Center aid station; completing their first of five loops. Arriving earlier than expected, Suzanna and Jeffery have already come and gone – both looking AWESOME, and as Jeffery puts it, feeling “ten out of ten”.

Seeing them look so good was heartening to say the least. Mark came in about 10 minutes before Jeffery and Suzanna and has made the right decision to stop here. He intends his next aid station to be Waikiki Beach and his next drink to be a Mai Thai with an umbrella in it.

Jeffery and Suzanna were in and out of the aid station in about 3 minutes – leaving together and looking GOOD! The weather continues to be great about 78 and breezy with a just a light sprinkle every now and then, and in the end, is a welcome mist to the runners.

Enjoy a few photos of the front runners and we’ll be back soon with more updates!


Carey said...

YAHOO!!! Feeling 10 out of 10, NICE!

Heather said...

Love the updates, Sarah. Keep 'em coming. Way to go, Mr. Ten out of Ten! Love, Your Mainland Cheering Section