Monday, January 7, 2008

50 Miles at Across The Years

On December 29 and 30, Aaron Doman, 12, accomplished his goal of running 50 miles in 24 hours at Across the Years. That is quite an achievement for anyone - of any age.

The mile 47 money quote: "It was as if my legs had a mind of their own – and they weren't thinking good things!"

Way to go, Aaron!

Next up - completing 7th grade and solving the Reimann Hypothesis.


kate evans said...

Way to go Aaron......You should be VERY proud of yourself for such an amazing accomplishment.Maybe you can give me some advice before I attempt AR 50??


Heather :) said...

Congratulations again and again, Aaron. Your accomplishment is a total inspiration. You are one magnificent athlete and runner. Great job!!!!

Jasper said...

This is perhaps the best age-graded ultra performance of the year. Right up there with Marco Olmo. And as Sam says, an impressive accomplishment for anyone of any age. I'm incredibly impressed. Very nice job, Aaron. My congratulations.


Sarah Rogers said...

Phenomenal achievement, Aaron. You’re an inspiration and bring joy to all of us who are lucky enough to have you as a friend. I wish you success on your next BIG endeavor – will it be a 100-miler?!?!? ; )

PS... I hear that ice cream helps with recovery!

Aaron said...

Wow - thanks Jeffery and you guys!

Kate - my strategy (and possibly yours) was to finish before I went to sleep and not use No-Doz. I failed on both counts, though - I took some and STILL fell asleep at 47.5 miles. I hope you can finish faster!

Sarah - my next goal is to run 50 miles before I go to sleep. After that, probably 100 Km. I don't really want to think about 100 miles yet!

Thanks again for the blog entry, Jeffery, and thanks to all you for your nice comments.


Aaron said...

Oh, and Jasper, my mom just told me what Marco Olmo did - and that he's TEN YEARS OLDER THAN SHE IS!! It blew me away!! I mean, not that my mom is THAT know what I mean...right?


Sarah said...

Hey, get off the computer and do your homework in there!!

The OTHER Sarah (the old one)

Sam said...


How would Jasper know what you mean. I mean, he's only 31, which is half Marco Olmo's age. But I know what you mean, being 1.5 times Jasper's age, and half as bright.