Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rod Bien Update – Special Report for Katie Bien

As of the second loop, Rod was in second place behind Paul Hopwood (by just a few minutes). The two ended up passing one another as one left the aid station and the other entered. Rod didn’t spend much time in the aid station, and was back out on the trail pretty fast after “refueling”. I think Rod got some extra encouragement as he came into the aid station and met his crew and a longtime friend (although I’ve forgotten his name, the guy came with his dog named “Squash”). Rod seemed to be in really good spirits and ran out of the aid station strong. I’ll pass your message along if I see him again.


Katie Bien said...

YAY!!! Thank you so much!! Sarah, I could hug you right now!! I'm hitting refresh on the HURT page about every two minutes somehow miraculously hoping the two hours between each station will pass faster. The last time Rod ran a 100 without me was Western States and he ended up being hospitalized with a cpk level of 93,000 (which can cause kidney failure). He was fine but I'm so nervous having him run one of these without being there. It makes me so happy to see his face! Thank you! Thank you! I really wish I was there! Hope you are taking some time to enjoy Hawaii while you are there!

Sarah said...


I was afraid I'd be too late for you to see the update this evening. Glad to know that you got it! If you'd like to call me during the night -- I'll be at 510-290-6855. I'll give you any update I have! :O)

Katie Bien said...

Thanks, Sarah! That's so sweet of you! Rod's brother lives in hawaii (where Rod grew up) so he is there and is calling me when he sees him. I loved seeing the pictures though!! Hopefully you have more vacation time after the race so that you can enjoy the beach as well as the course. :)

Thanks so much, Sarah!