Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bladder Issues? Is it Serious?

(Mainland, USA) - Pete

23:22 PCT - Rod Bien rolls through lap #3 (60 miles) around 8:45 PM (Hawaii time), looking a little tired but in good spirits. Brother Adam was there to take care of him and then was off with his pacer into the darkness.

Sarah tells me that she hears Suzanna has been having bladder issues. Is it serious? No, she says. She has switched to bottles and everything is fine. Don't ya just hate it when your bladder leaks?

Should get another update from Sarah when Suzanna and Jeffery complete their third lap.


Paul Brunner said...

Thanks Pete for the late night update. Just got back from bashing in SF, and wowed by the gang out there still whacking away at the course. Again, thanks for the excellent updates!

Katie Bien said...

Adam said Rod was using the DNF word. But I think Adam got him back on his feet. This must be a hard part - 60 miles on your legs and 40 and the night to go... whew...

Hope you all are able to nap tonight!

Katie Bien said...

If anyone here is following Rod's race, he just decided to DNF at 67 miles. He has never dropped from an ultra in his life so I know he's serious when he tells me he's done. Doesn't sound like a lot of fun out there. Thank you guys so, so much for the updates.
Have a great night and a great trip in Hawaii!