Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'll Get You My Pretty.....

(Hawaii) -- Sarah -- 7:00 a.m.

Wind and Pain and Chill, Oh My!

Back at the hotel after a hard decision to stop at Jackass Ginger and complete the 100K. Pete's last post explains it all. Thanks to everyone for your support. Really meant a lot to Sam and ME! ;O)

We're off to sleep for a few hours and perhaps come back to see Suzanna win the women's race. I don't think much can stop her. Jeffery saw her a little while ago, and she was in first and doing well. Hope it holds!

Cheers to a nice warm bed!


Sarah said...

Holy cow - the conditions on the course sound horrible!! Congrats again on the 100 Km, Jeffery - quite an accomplishment and, given the way you felt, stopping was absolutely the wise thing to do.

Looking forward to see you and Sarah soon!


Katie Bien said...

Congratulations, Jeffery! The restaurant Andy's, in Manoa, has some great banana pancakes that might chase those flying monkeys away in the morning. :)


Carey said...

Tough decision, I know, but it sounds like you made the right one; congrats on finishing 100K on what sounds like a very difficult course. Sarah and Pete - Great job on the live blogging; this was very cool!
Rest up and enjoy the rest of your time in Hawaii,

Heather said...

I hope you're rested and warm with a full and happy belly by now, Sam. Enjoy the rest of your time in HI! Are you wearing your Mannersols?

kate evans said...

Good job Sam...and it sounds like you made a smart decision.....we'd hate to lose you to the flying go get a Mai Tai and remember what a steller past season you had.

Sarah said...

Katie, we're headed to Andy's tomorrow. Thank you so much for the suggestion!

Heather, no Mannersols -- too hot! ;o)

Kate, we downed three Mai Tai this evening -- feeling good as we head off to sleep!

Thank you, everyone, for helping us along the way! :O)