Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ultrarunning For The WWP - Update

As I've mentioned earlier, Ben Cavazos participated in the HURT 100 Mile Trail Run by running at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait, twenty laps of a five-mile loop. The Honolulu Advertiser had a nice article about Ben the day before the race.

After the race briefing for the runners, there was also a touching ceremony as Ben started his run in Kuwait on Jan. 19th at 6 am. Like the HURT 100, it was preceded by Hawaiian blessings and had traditional Hawaiian food at the aid stations. There were a lot of soldiers and staff out there supporting him.

The next day, when the official HURT 100 started we were told that Ben had completed 60 miles. I thought about him out on the trail, as we were both raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project. Ben raised over $6,000, and my wife and I raised about $1,000.

When I came into the Nu'uanu aid station at mile 17, I saw Ben's wife, Beverly, and asked her how Ben was doing. She told me he had finished his 100 miles. I looked at my watch, and she continued, "in 18:54" (I think that's right). Hearing that, and seeing the pride on Beverly's face, lifted my spirits.

Great Job, Ben! We were all cheering for you out in the jungle. Next year we'll hopefully be able to run on the same trails and share some stories.

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Anonymous said...

Jeffery and Sarah -

Thanks for the reminder on Wounded Warrior Project. Just made my donation.

Ben - Congrats on HURT finish. We are so proud of you.

And THANK YOU for your service.