Saturday, January 19, 2008

Night Decides to Come...

(Hawaii) -- Sarah -- 7:20 p.m. (update on runners as of 5:00)

End of loop #2 found most runners feeling good, but definitely more muddied. The trail is “wicked” as someone so eloquently put it. And yet another comment: “The roots on the trail are like cobras reaching up to pull you down.” More than one runner had arrived bathed in mud – obviously pulled down by the “cobras” on the ground.

Suzanna came in particularly strong – stating that she was feeling GREAT, eating and drinking, and finally running on “HURT” legs. Just 10 minutes or so behind the lead gal, and leading Kathy D'Onofrio by at least 10 minutes.

Jeffery, although he took a wrong turn (Rob, what have you been teaching him?), came in strong and happy; ready for lap #3 and what promises to be a long night.

Heading out again in an hour or two and will re-post as soon as I learn more. Thanks again everyone for the well wishes. I’m passing them on! Enjoy the photos.


darkcloud said...

You're looking great Sam. Keep it up. We'll be watching!!

Jasper said...

Great work Sam. Now that you've got the getting lost part out of your system, just try not to fall in the creek this time! ;)

Have fun out there. The jungle's awesome at night.


Pete said...

Jeffery -

You look awfully clean for two (and then some) loops in the rain forest. Your smile says it all. You look great. Have a great evening and we will be in touch thru the night.