Monday, January 14, 2008

Ultrarunning For The WWP

I usually run my 100 mile footraces with the goal of simply finishing and having fun. This coming weekend, I am running the HURT 100 Mile race in Honolulu, Hawaii, to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project.

The HURT 100 is one of the hardest 100 mile footraces in the world. In its history only 27 percent of entrants even finish. Given the run’s reputation, I want to use my attempt to honor our men and women in the armed forces, especially those who are wounded and use sports to aid in their recovery, through soliciting donations to the Wounded Warrior Disabled Sports Project.

I ask that you visit the website for Wounded Warrior Project (click on the preceding name) to understand more about the benefits they provide to our servicemen and women, and their families. I am asking our friends and family to make a generous donation, via the website, to support these American families that every day defend our freedom and our American principles.

I believe you understand the importance of supporting our armed forces not just when they are on the front line of battle, but also when they are wounded and need our continued support in their recovery. Your donation will mean a lot to someone trying to put their own, and their family’s, life back together.

Two runners for the HURT 100 will be running in Kuwait. Ben Cavazos, 8th HRSC, has run HURT all six times, and will be joined in the desert sands by Paul Allen. Below is an email I received from Ben, who can be reached at ruben.l.cavazos (at) :

I have a group of Soldiers in my unit taking this project to another level and we hope we raise quite a bit in donations for the WWP. Anything your friends can donate is greatly appreciated, because I know that we're going to make a difference in some Soldier's life as they fight their way to recovery. My logistics chief will get in touch with you and do what we have to because we believe in what we're doing.

Thank you so much for supporting our Armed Forces in these trying times.

"Pain Is Temporary....Glory Is Forever"


If you've found sports, especially running, a transformative influence in your life, imagine what it can do for an injured service person and their family. When ultrarunners feel the chips are down, they know how to push on. So do our Soldiers. Help them out.

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