Thursday, January 17, 2008

HURT, Hope and The Human Spirit

When reviewing the previous runners' performances at the HURT 100 Mile Trail Race, I came across the inspiring story of Paul Sibley, who completed the race in 2007.

One year earlier, Paul had been diagnosed with cancer, the day after having lost his father to cancer. He battled surgery, radiation, and numerous other ordeals, supported by his wife, infant son, family and friends. While still recovering from all this, he toed the start line at the 2007 HURT 100. Pretty gutsy.

Read his race report to get a sense of his story battling cancer and the HURT 100. It will make you reconsider complaining about your latte being too hot or cold, or your car battery being dead, or just about anything.

And check out his video of his run in 2007.

If I have learned anything in my time running long distances it is not to bet against the human spirit. Stand at the finish line of any 50 or 100 mile race, especially as the final cutoff approaches. You will see many stories unfolding happily to their conclusion and just as many indomitable human spirits.

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PSIBLEY said...

Aloha Jeffery! Best of luck to you and the HURT feet this weekend. Thanks for the vibe in the post, and I'll be running inspired as always. - Paul Sibley