Saturday, January 19, 2008


(Mainland, USA) - Pete

18:09 PST - Suzanna finished loop #2 and is now headed back out for another one. She is feeling good - eating, drinking, and has in her words, "HURT legs" - in a good way. Suz informed Sarah that our wayward friend, Jefferey has lost his way once more (WTC revisited?) adding a couple of bonus miles and about 30 minutes. We should see him in 25 minutes or so.

18:14 PST - Kathy D'Onofrio (#22), third woman, has just finished loop 2.


Katie Bien said...

By the way, if you speak with Sarah and she sees Rod Bien again, tell him his wife said to "slow down." They have a long night ahead. :)

Again, many thanks for posting this.

Sarah said...

Just back from our event in Pacifica and checking in to see how everyone's doing. Sorry that Mark is done - but probably the wise thing to do. Fabulous to read about Suzanna and Jeffery!! Please give them our best!!

Sarah (PCTR)

Paul Brunner said...

Great updates and pictures!
C'mon Suzanna and Rod!!
Pace, pace, pace....

Anonymous said...

Aloha! We are thinking of you, Sam! You are in the best of hands with Crew Extraordinaires Sarah and Pete. Sending our freshest leg vibes to you from Oakland! Keep your mind focused on the pina colada on the beach tomorrow.

Holly, Garett and Sawyer Graubins