Wednesday, February 13, 2008

When Not Running - Deb Pero

An element of ultrarunning, or trail running in general, that outsiders wouldn't likely pick up without logging quite a few miles is that ultrarunners have an amazing array of occupations and hobbies. There are firemen, planetary physicists, nannies, bartenders, big animal veterinarians, kazoo players and painters - as in fine art painters.

Deb Pero, who lives in New Hampshire, has finished such gruelling races as the Bighorn 100, Massanutten 100, and Hardrock 100 and is a talented painter. Her website is a true feast for the eyes. I especially liked her Daily Painting Blog. The painting of the oranges below just made my mouth water.

Hat Tip: Sue Johnston

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Anonymous said...

I saw Deb's talents at work first-hand as she was painting the famed "Hardrock" prior to the 2005 running of the event. Every finisher was so inspired by her work that they kissed it upon crossing the finish line!

She's a woman of many talents.

- Garett