Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Training For Miwok

My first milestone race in 2008 is the Miwok 100k in Marin. I hope to improve on my 2007 time of 10:51.

My training essentially follows a simple weekly pattern.

M - Easy - 4-5 miles
Tu - Tempo or Hilly - 7-11 miles
W - Easy - 4-5 miles
Th - Tempo or Hilly - 7-11 miles
F - Easy - 4-5 miles
Sat - Long Run
Sun - Rest

With variations throughout the week, I can increase my miles gradually, and get in a good solid long run, generally where I'm going to run my next target race.

For the next 10 week period, I'll use this formula to work on my endurance and speed. A few of the weekends I'll be out at Mount Diablo preparing for the Diablo Marathon, then train a few weeks on the Miwok course.

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