Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sue Johnston - John Muir Trail in 3 days, 20 hours

One of the great ultrarunning adventures in 2007 was Sue Johnston's record-setting run of the John Muir Trail in August. She wrote up a short report of her adventure, shortly after finishing, a longer report after having some time to absorb all that she had experienced, and a very cool list of her splits, gear, and nutrition. It sounds like it was an adventure of a lifetime.

Some day I hope to complete a supported run of the JMT. Certainly not with any intent of breaking any records. Just so I can cover the 200+ miles without having to lug around a big pack. It is majestically beautiful up in the Range of Light.

A belated congratulations Sue!

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Sue said...

Thanks for your kind words. :) It was a fun adventure. See you at C2M!

(BTW, I love the photo at the top of your blog - where is it?)