Monday, February 18, 2008

The Coastal Challenge - In Costa Rica with Jean Pommier

Jean Pommier went this year to Costa Rica to run The Coastal Challenge. He posted some extensive, colorful commentary with pictures, videos, and an extensive race report with maps, profiles and much more. Check it out.

If you've ever wanted to run a multi-day event in a beautiful country, The Coastal Challenge would be a good candidate. I had lived in Costa Rica for a short time in the late 1980's. It's a gorgeous, peaceful, friendly country.

Congratulations to Jean on his second place finish. He's already back to running marathons.

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Carey said...

Great blog entries lately; I was a bit behind and just got caught up. Very interesting info; keep up the good work! I had the pleasure of running with Sue Johnston 3 days in a row last year at 3 Days of Syllamo. She is not only a great runner but also an incredible person.
All the best,