Friday, February 22, 2008

Injinji Gloves

I have used various wool and polyester gloves over the last few years. They're cheap, so I don't care if I lose them, but they don't fit very well. Often they are a tad too small, or there's a bit more room in them than a key and a gel need (I put them in the palm).

Recently, while visitting my favorite running online store, ZombieRunner, I came across the Injinji Performance gloves. I use their socks on 50 and 100 mile runs, so I thought I'd give a pair a try.

Yowza!! With a very thin fleece lining, and a structure that conforms with the relaxed curve of a runner's hand, these gloves are perfect. I now run with them even when it's not that cold in the morning, just because they feel so comfortable on the hand and stash so easily in my hip pack.

They run a little small, so order the larger pair if you have medium-sized hands. Or use the online-chat feature at ZombieRunner and chat with a Zombie for help.

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