Sunday, March 16, 2008

Running Trails on Diablo

My next organized run is the Diablo Marathon on April 12. This affords me the excuse and motivation to run my weekend long runs out on Mt. Diablo, near where I grew up. With the early and sustained rains this season, the sprouts of green have lushly appeared, and now the small flowers have begun to appear. In the best of years, this burst of color will peak just in time for the Diablo Marathon and 50 Mile Runs.

The next six to eight weeks are my favorite time to run on the mountain. It reminds me of many childhood memories, and, with stunning views, the blessing we have to live in such a majestically beautiful area with an abundance of trails.

Here are some pictures of Saturday's run.


darkcloud said...

Thanks Sam!
The blog was good while you had it. See you out in the real world.

mickey said...

The Diablo race looks awesome and also your pictures are fantastic. I am a new to the ultra-running world and appreciate all of the information I can get on training, nutrition, etc. I still run marathons and have a couple of ultras scheduled in the future. I will look forward to your blog for information and advice. Thanks!