Saturday, March 1, 2008

Messing with Salt at Skyline Ridge

Saturday I went out to run the PCTR Skyline Ridge 50k. I was trying a new salt product and misjudged the amount I should be taking and how regularly. At 37k I called it a day as my legs were mildly cramping and I felt more comfortable walking it in. There was no training benefit to going out and slogging through 13k.

Skyline Ridge is a wonderfully beautiful course. It winds its way along the ridgeline above Palo Alto, so at times you see the Pacific Ocean and other times the Southbay. It was a warm, sunny day for the most part.

I felt fairly well for the first 3 and a half hours. As my friend Tom has said with a wry grin, "Only you can say you only ran 20-plus miles and make it sound like an under-achievement."

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