Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Sorry for the sporadic nature of posts the last few weeks. I've had both technical difficulties and a busy schedule.

The technical difficulty centers around my tweeking the way my posts display, only to find that I totally screwed up the way pictures and video show up. Essentially, not at all. And since I'm more likely than not to have my eyes glaze over when I'm looking at HTML code, I tend to make the situation worse when I try to move code around. Yet, I finally got it straightened out.

Lastly, two months of posting daily has shown me that I don't wish to do so anymore. I was creating most posts on Sunday, and then posting them throughout the week. Sundays just don't afford me that much time anymore. I'll post around the weekend, when I have an adventure to report on, or some comments to make about my training.

On to the next phase.

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